Infrastructure Management Software

Infrastructure Management Software

Intelligent Buildings & Estate Wide Infrastructure

Looking beyond the hype of DCIM

AIT software provides a central platform and dashboard to monitor and control your estate wide infrastructure such as branch offices, wiring closets, industrial appliances and street cabinets.

  • Predict failure by monitoring temperatures in remote equipment racks
  • Save energy by shutting down non critical branch systems at night
  • Save on maintenance costs by diagnosing and repairing faults remotely
Lawrence Buxton
Operations Director, Sentrum Colo’s
“We are extremely pleased with the PowerBCM system and how it operates. It is cost effective and possibly one of the best power and environmental systems that we have used so far.”

DCIM software

DCIM software is designed to fill the gap between Facilities and IT teams and Building Management Systems and IT management systems. Ideally it should integrate with both and breakdown departmental silos. Replacing excel spreadsheets and pulling data from multiple systems into a single view.

A good DCIM solution implemented effectively will include some or all of the following features:

  • Monitor temperature, humidity and power consumption of IT and Facility assets
  • Identify, locate, visualise & manage physical assets
  • Provide floorplans, dashboards, heat maps and reports by rack, row, hall, site or estate wide
  • Identify the real capacity of your cooling, power, network and space provision
  • Generate Workflow documentation and process
  • Remote control of distributed Facility and IT assets estate wide
  • Integrate with existing metering, sensors and IoT systems

Unfortunately DCIM has been marketed as the answer to all the challenges of managing Data Centres. As a result it can over promise and under delivers. Claims of automation and auto discovery are usually overstated while the resource required installing and support DCIM software is underplayed.

AIT takes a different approach. DCIM is best delivered as part of a managed service or as a tool for effective Data Centre managers with the resource to keep the model up to date. Our DCIM projects deliver tangible benefits including

  • Predict failure and increase uptime
  • Improving capacity planning so you can safely Install more assets using the same infrastructure
  • Identify inefficiencies and save costs
  • Speed up processes and enforce best practise
  • Provide audit trails, assurance and compliance

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